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Comments from previous pupils

Below are comments from some of our previous pupils. Should you want to add your own comments, please use the contact form.

Passed 1st Time

I started my lessons in the october of 2016. having previously experiencing problems with other instructors i contacted sophie, to my delight she was lovely and very patient from the get go. In no time i was feeling very comfortable and started to overcome my anxieties with the help of Sophie´s brilliant teaching methods. I have just passed my test july 2017 first time with no driver faults....says everything about Sophie and her teaching. thank-you so much Sophie...ill see you on the road!

Hazel Clegg
Passed 1st Time

I would just like to say how pleased I have been learning with Sophie. I am a older driver and Sophie was able to give me the confidence I needed to pass my test. Her lessons were always constructive and progressive. The combination of verbal and written information was a great help. Sophie also provided useful information in the form of websites and pdfs which were invaluable. I cannot praise Sophie enough. She understands learner´s needs. A very professional instructor. I would not hesitate to recommend her. She is great.


Hey Sophie, I just wanted to say thank you so so much for everything. Sophie, you didn´t just teach me how to pass the test you taught me how to be a good driver, nobody could have done it the way you did. I know you pass people all the time, but it really did mean so much to me that I had you as my instructor I wouldn´t have had it any other way. I´ve had so many instructors and no one got through and understood how to teach like you did I had such a struggle learning and you made it all happen. Again thank you soooo much I will always and forever recommend you to anyone!

James Lambert

I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor in Sophie, who was always very patient and positive, no matter how many mistakes I made! The lesson plan was very carefully laid out, and never felt too fast or too slow. Sophie always arrived very well prepared, and I found every lesson to be helpful. She also sent many materials by e-mail to prepare for the next lesson, and I always felt like I was getting great value for money.

Naomi Fletcher
Passed 1st Time

´I can honestly say Sophie has been so fantastic through the whole experience of learning to drive - her patience and willingness to explain things in different ways has been brilliant to me and has helped me massively to gain confidence on the roads and led to me passing my test on the first attempt with 4 minors. After coming to Sophie from another driving instructor, she helped me to correct bad habits and develop good ones - I always looked forward to my lessons (something I had never had before)! I´ll always remember your funny little phrases like ´don´t quit on your gear change´ and will miss our lessons!

Thanks again for accommodating to my unpredictable rota and always making time for emailing out extra revision tips. I would definitely recommend to anyone!´

Tanya Williamson

Thank you for all your patience, encouragement and obvious love of what you do. It has made all the difference, and I can honestly say that my "pass" is in large part, down to you! :)


Sophie has amazing knowledge of local roads, road conditions and tricky places that are included in the test routes. She has iPad apps that can pull up helpful stuff on tricky manoeuvres and roads. She is thorough and up to-date with DVSA rules. Highly recommended!

Jackie Hughes
Passed 1st Time

Sophie has been fantastic throughout, really patient and keen to understand each pupil’s learning style. Indeed, I’ve learned such a lot about myself on this journey to driver-hood, which I only embarked upon in my 40s! She has always provided useful and thorough written notes, which have been so useful to me. On T-day itself, I managed to pass with just 3 minors, which I view as credit to Sophie for helping me to recover from dwelling on mistakes during our lessons. I am now going to embark on Pass Plus, for insurance purposes (sure) but also because I have enjoyed Sophie’s company and dedication to getting me and all her other pupils through. Thanks so much!”

Passed 1st Time

Message : sophie was my second driving instructor and she immediately put me at ease and gave me so much more confidence when driving.

she was so very patient and understanding even when i panicked every time we did the hill start by the grammar school!

i actually looked forward to the lessons with sophie, something i never did with my previous instructor. i would recommend sophie to everyone and cannot thank her enough for everything!


i had previously taken two exams in london which i had failed in both. i now study at lancaster university and decided to do my practical with sophie in heysham. having experienced various different instructors, sophie was by far the most patient, clear and easy going. i immediately felt comfortable whilst driving with sophie and she had got me to pass with less than 7 lessons. thanks sophie!!!

Jo Cutler
Passed 1st Time

"A very thorough, patient instructor who teaches you how to drive and not just how to pass your test. It is due to her versatility that I would recommend her to any learner regardless of their aims or previous experience."

Dawn Price
Passed 1st Time

Sophie is a fantastic person and a brilliant instructor! She is inspiring and patient and really builds your confidence. There is nothing that you can´t do with Sophie, she works really hard to find a way of teaching that works for you.

I´m proud to be a former Sophie pupil and will look forward to seeing her whilst I´m driving around reciting "Sophieisms" as I go: little phrases to help you as you drive along, there are lots but my favourite is "pinch of aggression" when you need to go for it at a junction!

My Husband cheekily adds "Sophie´s fantastic, if she can get you to pass she can get anyone to pass"! You will definitely be glad if you give Sophie a call and book your first lesson.

Jude Towers.

Message : having passed my driving test way back in the 1990s, i was involved in a car accident in 2000 and spent the next 12 years not driving. deciding to try and get back behind the wheel, i searched lancaster driving schools for someone i thought i would be able to work with to start driving again. the testimonials on Sophie´s site were exactly what i was looking for, so i got in touch and now i am writing my testimonial having just finished her fantastic GET BACK INTO DRIVING course. Sophie´s patient instruction, quiet confidence and insightful commentary have not only enabled me to get back into driving, but have undoubtedly made me a much better driver. the written notes sophie sends after each session are incredible helpful & i will be going back to these over and over as i now look forward to driving independently once again.

Lucy Huartson

Message : i started my driving experience 10 years ago. i gave up then as i had no confidence and was scared to take the test... that was until i met sophie! sophie made me feel calm and happy whilst driving. i enjoyed every lesson. and was so happy she continued to work with me to get me to pass level.

thank you for your hard work, and for occasionally even giving up your day off for me! i would recommend sophie to any driver, especially those a little nervy or unsure.

i am so happy to now be driving on my own. thank you.

lucy :)

Passed 1st Time

Message : sophie is recommended to me by my friend and i still feel i am very lucky to choose sophie´s lessons. i am not a natural driver and have been a perdestrian for 33 years, particularly i came from china, where situation is very different from here. and for some reasons, i only have very short time (a few months) to learn driving with sophie. however, in such situation, the lessons with sophie were very enjoyable and productive with very little pressure. she helped me to buid up confident to drive, and drive well. thanks very much for her great patient and fantastic training and teaching, i have past the test in this short period by first time. i would like to highly recommend sophie to anyone thinking of learning to drive, particularly international people.

Gemma Sosnowsky
Passed 1st Time

after struggling for over two years with two different instructors i felt i would never be good enough to pass my test. sophie was recommended to me by a friend, and from the first lesson with her i began to feel more confident. a natural teacher, sophie is calm and patient, and most importantly she has faith in her pupils. under sophies expert tutelage i went from lacking in confidence and skill, to passing my test first time (!), which would have been unthinkable for me just a few months previously. i used to dread my driving lessons, but learning with sophie has been an enjoyable and productive experience, one of which i would highly recommend


Message : hi - sophie was fantastic with me, so patient and very professional. i should have passed the first time but made one mistake - the second time a couple of weeks later i was successful - thank you sophie, i´m now driving with confidence every day in my own car - fantastic.

Nicola Clitheroe
Passed 1st Time

At the grand old age of 32 and after two previous abandoned attempts at learning to drive (due to terrible instructors), i had all but decided that driving really wasn´t for me. my husband kindly decided otherwise and ´surprised´ me one day with a lesson with sophie. reluctant would have been an understatement! however, within 10 minutes i was totally at ease with sophie´s relaxed and understanding approach to my driving fears. over the next few months i felt my confidence and enjoyment grow under her tutelage. she doesn´t just prepare you to be test ready but actively teaches you to think responsibly and independently. having passed today (first time.hooray) i know that i shall miss her little sayings and noises of approval (ah ha) but also wanted to add to this long list of glowing reviews to say that i would gladly recommend sophie to anyone thinking of learning to drive. many thanks again.

Nikki Robinson
Passed 1st Time

When Sophie first took me in, I was a dejected learner with a string of failed instructors behind me. I was harbouring a grudge against them as a species. Within the first two lessons Sophie changed at that around. She went out of her way to find out how I learned as an individual whilst still keeping structure so when I asked how long till test day she could give me an educated answer through her lesson plans. With Sophie I made great progress And we still had room for a giggle along the way. When I passed first time she was as prepared as ever with a tissue at hand To sob my little heart out. I still haven´t figured out if she really is the Stig but judging by her incredible knowledge of driving she could give him a run for his money. Thanks Stig it´s been an absolute pleasure.

Passed 1st Time

i was a bit apprehensive about learning to drive but with sophie it was a great experience. she was professional, patient, friendly and really good at explaining things, and she was great at working out why i was making certain mistakes and how we could find a way to fix them. in the whole time i learnt she never once cancelled a lesson, and she´s super organised. i´m absolutely over the moon that i´ve passed (first time!) but i´m really going to miss my lessons with her, we always had fun and they were a nice break from french lectures! thanks so much sophie, you´ve been fantastic!

Passed 1st Time

: so there i was with my highly sought after blue piece of paper when i realise that my saturdays with sophie was now a thing of the past, a bittersweet end to something that i had worked so hard to get. because that is the thing about sophie she is not only professional, well prepared and incredible patient but she customises her teaching to suit you. i could never get my head around all the acronyms so sophie made up new ones for me. if you want to know what �tyre tarmac�, �kiss the parrot� or my favourites �sneak and peak� or why �1,2,3,4,5,6�is the magic number� means and you want to become a good driver then sophie is the one for you, and before you know it you will be the one with a blue piece of paper realising that your time with sophie has come to an end�.and trust me it will be bittersweet.

ina x

Jade Hodgkiss

Sophie is an incredible driving instructor she is very patient but thorough. She uses a variety of techniques to explain driving skills, and is very understanding if it takes you a little bit longer to learn than another person. I passed second time with Sophie and with only 2 minors and was overjoyed. I don't think theres a single person that couldn't pass their test with Sophie and she likes a challenge!!

Emma-Jane Watson
Passed 1st Time

I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough, she is not only one of the best driving instructors around but also one of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. Sophie not only teaches you how to drive, but prepares you for being on the road on your own, with time and passion for each pupil she has. Every lesson is such a joy that you look forward to being in a car with Sophie. We have had some fantastic lessons and Sophie helped me pass first time, even when it looked hopeless Sophie had the encouragement and patience to guide me through, thanks soph, I really am going to miss our lessons.

Em x

Michael Quigley
Passed 1st Time

If you want to make sure you learn all the rules of the road, build up confidence in driving and excel in your driving text, then look no further than Sophie. She is extremely patient, and makes sure you're comfortable whilst maintaining a professional attitude. Any issues that I had whilst on the road, she would go the extra mile and go through these problems one by one. She is very road smart, and knows alot about the learning area, and of its tricky spots. I guarantee that if you follow her instructions and relax, you WILL pass first time as I did! Thank you Sophie! It'll be sad not having you sat next to me in the car anymore. I couldn't have passed without you :)

Taghreed Alghaith
Passed 1st Time

Message : i owe sophie hugely. such a patient encouraging driving instructor she is! i am lucky. not only did she help me muddle through driving lessons but she also supported me to pass first time. she, all the way till the very last minute before the test, was advising and directing me. sophie is humbly an understanding person and never made me feel embarrassed by my mistakes. i loved every minute i spent learning driving and will never forget the good times i had with sophie. bless sophie scott !

Carrie Skinner
Passed 1st Time

I want to say a huge thank you to Sophie for teaching me! She is an amazing teacher, who helps you play to your strengths and helps to develop your weaknesses. I really struggled with driving, I got nervous at roundabouts and just struggled with emerging, but Sophie helped considerably she just seemed to know where I went wrong, and could help to combat the problems I faced. I am incredibly grateful for the guidance that Sophie has given me, and although I am ecstatic that I have passed, I am also quite sad that I have to say goodbye. Thank you so so much!

Amy Dawson

After countless lessons (and even countless tests!) I have finally passed thanks to Sophie! She is extremely calm, patient, professional and very dedicated to her job and clients. I always felt completely at ease when I had lessons with her and not only was she a fantastic instuctor but very friendly and great to talk to. I would recommend her to anyone! It will be strange not having Sophie next to me in the car!! All the best for the future :) Thankyou for everything!

Leeanne Keating

Before I start, I would like to say a big thankyou to sophie,as she went above and beyond her duty as my teacher. My nerves were my biggest problem and with various methods of trying to control them, I finally passed on third attempt. Thank goodness!. Sophie is very calming and professional and it was a pleasure to find her. She will have to put up with my stressing now on the pass plus.....Shame. Cheers Sophie x

Stephanie Donaldson
Passed 1st Time

its Stephanie Donaldson, sorry its taken me so long, exams and all that.

i tried to learn at 17 but couldnt find an instructor that suited me, and after spending far too much money i gave up. At nearly 22 i decided to try again, Sophie was the perfect choice shes calm, but instructive, she helps you learn for yourself rather than just telling what to do, as she sees you improve she takes a step back to let you prove to yourself that you can do it, shes a good confidence builder and a great motivator. you also know that shes being straight with you, shes not just after your money she cares about her clients and waves to many when she sees them driving around, including me! Asign of a good driving instructor is that you can hear them in your head even when theyre not in the car! i passed three months agobut i can still hear Sophie! i passed both my theory and my practical first time (with only one minor!) and dont think i could have done this without Sophie's steering hand helping me through.

Rehana & Fazila Patel
Passed 1st Time

Sophie is a brilliant instructor, she is calm and easy going, her teaching skills are fantastic, her patience and friendly approach is what makes her a excellent teacher.

I would definitely recommend Sophie as an instructor for anyone wanting to learn to drive. Not only has Sophie been a driving instructor she has also been a great friend.

Lizzie Milner
Passed 1st Time

Having tried many different driving instructors, I finally came across Sophie Scott. What can I say...

With her calming and friendly personality, Sophie instantly put me at ease.

She has incredible passion for what she teaches and this comes across as soon as you meet her. Although lessons are always packed with information (with the use of all her teaching aids!), Sophies enthusiasm and knowledge for what she teaches and her patience with students are second to none.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sophie as the first class driving instructor that she is, and I wish her all the success for the future that she truly deserves.

Liz Parker
Passed 1st Time

I put off learning to drive for 10 years. I then made the decision to start learning and pass my test! Sophie was fantastic,she could see how apprehensive I was, and low in confidence and she went out of her way to help me in anyway she could. I passed first time with 1 minor!! All thanks to the hard work and effort of my fantastic instructor Sophie.

Tim Whitfield

"I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough as a driving instructor. Her excellent teaching ability comes from two attributes. Firstly, she is

technically excellent. Her knowledge and skills are second to none,and she uses a variety of techniques to get the most out of her pupils. She maintains her knowledge and keeps up to date with

developments in the driving instructor community. Secondly, Sophie has the right personality and attitude for the job. She is constructively

critical where necessary, calm and encouraging. She is also great fun to talk to due to her friendly nature. I have had experience of

learning with five driving instructors, and not only is Sophie the instructor with whom I passed, but she was the most helpful overall.

Whenever I get into my car to drive, I remember the learning I had with Sophie and I am grateful to have had her instruction."

Kathryn Churchouse
Passed 1st Time

Sophie is an amazing teacher - patient, friendly, reassuring and helpful...just what you want from a driving instructor. As a result of sophie's approach and skills I learnt to a high standard very quickly. She is definitely the one to choose, I recommend her to everyone!!

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